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My Turn to Become the Iceman – Part Three

Published 5 years ago in biohacking , self-improvement - 0 Comments
The Iceman - image of a plastic blue iceman character slightly illuminated

Nearly a year later 🙂

Ultimately workload, family, and pursuing two certifications forced me to shelf this.  I was not able to prioritize the breathing and other practices, nor was I able to be scientific in measurements.  With everything left to experiential alone, I can say going into winter I was able to tolerate the cold in 30 degree Fahrenheit weather like never before.  I simply did not get cold as I did in the past.  Being in Texas, I turned a lot of heads, because it’s just abnormal for someone to be out and about in shorts and a tee shirt.  I don’t really get sick, so I can’t say I experienced my immunity getting better and I was not measuring gains or focused on a specific body fat percentage, so I can’t say anything changed there.  Energy was great throughout the whole period and a cold shower will certainly get you going in the AM, but I can’t offer any qualitative changes there either.  The biggest change was simply resilience in the cold.

This is me taking a position to say it does not work, but rather saying my ability to execute and measure was very limited.  It’s ultimately why I stopped prioritizing it, because I could not measure the results and speak to the experience of it in the way that I would like.  The experience and feeling are still with me though and I will have some time freeing up in the near future.  I will be taking some time off to recharge after completing my certifications, but it’s also an opportunity to bring something like this back if the timing is right.  The science of it is still very compelling and the novelty of the experience is fun as well, so I definitely suggest trying it out, but if you’re like me and want the quantitative measurements, then make sure you’re budgeting the time for it.