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Diverse Topics You Can Read About Here

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There’s simply too much stuff to think and write about!

There’s a lot of stuff that interests me that I would like to share and write about. The problem is that it would not go well with my work related blogs. Finding myself becoming increasingly frustrated, I realized I just needed to start my own blog. I have to credit GoDaddy for telling me my full name was available, but that aside it was the only way forward. I needed an outlet for the millions of thoughts, topics, interests etc. to reside, so here’s a list of the diverse topics. ¬†Probably I’m forgetting stuff, but you get the idea.

The Diverse Topics I Was Referring To

  • Technology – this will go all over the place, but things like Cloud, Infrastructure, Development, Machine Learning, AI, Wearables, software stacks and platforms, micro services, serverless, and more
  • Science – Most likely this will be focused on Biology/Physiology, Neurology, Physics, Computer Science
  • Philosophy
  • Travel
  • Culture
  • Sociology
  • Books – Read a lot, so do my friends, so I’ll discuss books I read here to add to the diverse topics I’m already sharing
  • Biohacking
  • Music – All of it…there’s not much that I don’t or won’t listen to
  • Art – All kinds…the normal traditional stuff like paintings, sculpture, etc. and graffiti, tattoos, comics, etc.
  • Self-Improvement – strategies, skills, organization, habits, self-awareness, emotional intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • DIY Stuff – building things
  • Coaching – Professional/Life Coaching
  • Sports – probably College Football and Soccer/Futbol
  • Active Lifestyle – Hiking, kayaking, skiing, camping, etc.
  • Food! ¬†– of course food…I almost became a chef and someday may still
  • Fitness and Health – traditional diet and exercise stuff along with more bleeding edge and latest science stuff too
  • My Dog – Travi is a rescue dog…most likely Airedale and Lab mix….he likes going for walks, the dog park, and hiking with us on trails
  • Language – mainly Spanish, but Italian, and Mandarin are still on the list
  • Coffee – roasting, making, shops, etc.

Stay tuned!

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